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Layover Bikram Yoga: Seattle to London.

For me, ailment one of the most challenging parts of traveling is maintaining a healthy body and positive attitude during long plane rides. I find being stuffed inside a cabin like a sardine, viagra breathing recirculated air without the ability to get up and move, treatment and poor-quality food make me a very weary yogi. […]

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30 Minute Beginner/Intermediate Yoga Class

Hi Beautiful Yogis! It’s been a long time since I posted a video, but I felt inspired to share this 30-minute class with you.

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Travel Recap and Future Plans

The questions we’re asked most is what we took away from our travels, did we accomplish what we set out to do, and what’s next?

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Ease Your Way Into Motherhood

I’m at that age where it seems like all my friends are either trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently had a baby. In honor of all the beautiful mommies and mommies-to-be, I wanted to share a post about doulas from Katie Moore, a guest blogger who specializes in the field of healthy […]

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Bikram Yoga Chicago

For me, a trip to Chicago is never complete without visiting Bikram Yoga Chicago, or more fondly referred to as “105F” (for the heated 105° room).

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Photo of the Week: Xingping, China

After hiking up Laozhai Hill, Jim snapped this photo as the sun began to set behind the limestone cliffs of the Li River.

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Photo of the Week: Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal

After a seven-hour first day of uphill hiking during our 10-day trek in the Annapurna sanctuary through Nepal’s majestic Himalaya mountain range, Jim and I stopped at Namaste Guesthouse in the town of Tolka for our first night.

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Photo of the Week: The Taj Mahal

At 5:45 am Jim and I took a taxi from our hotel on the east side of the Taj Mahal to Mehtab Bagh, a beautifully manicured garden across the river from the Taj.

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Yoga Retreat in the Yoga Capital of the World

Many yogis dream of making a pilgrimage to Rishikesh—the unofficial yoga capital of the world that catapulted to western fame when the Beatles arrived in the 1960s to study meditation.

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Bikram Yoga India– Mumbai, India

Olga taught a lively class in a perfectly heated room. I felt calm and simultaneously energized, detoxified and rested.

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