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Bikram Yoga Chicago


Name: Bikram Yoga Chicago (AKA 105F)105f  bikram yoga chicago

Locations: Chicago, IL (Wicker Park, Lincoln Park & South Loop)

Classes Offered: Bikram Yoga

Class Taken: Bikram Yoga

Amenities: Yoga clothes & Kulae yoga mats for sale, mat storage, filtered water stations, showers, lockers with keys (South Loop), rental mats & towels, local organic eggs for sale (Lincoln Park & Wicker Park)

Owners: John Marcoux & Mike Lewis


My Experience:

After our six month trip around the globe, Jim and I spent a few weeks over the 4th of July in Chicago— we shared time with friends and family and flirted with the idea of moving and staying put for a while (stay tuned)!

For me, a trip to Chicago is never complete without visiting Bikram Yoga Chicago, or more fondly referred to as “105F” (for the heated 105° room). I visited all three locations in Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and the South Loop.

The teachers at 105F are some of the best I’ve ever had and are a direct reflection of owners John Marcoux and Mike Lewis—two laid-back, amicable and welcoming personalities. After meeting on a golf course in Dallas, John and Mike turned their business and law acumen to yoga when they opened the Wicker Park studio in October of 2001. Now with three locations, the partners have attracted a dedicated following of Bikram yogi-devotees from across the greater Chicago area.

105f bikram yoga chicago

South Loop Studio

The South Loop studio is located on the second floor of Dearborn Station (the oldest of the original intercity train stations– now converted to an office/retail center); it is the newest and in my opinion the hottest of the three locations. I love the Elkay EZH2O water filtration dispenser and the rubbery flooring in the practice room.

105F’s Wicker Park location has an enormous lobby and trendy yoga clothes for purchase. Although there’s no shower, there are men’s and women’s changing areas, a large lounge, a restroom and a sunny yoga room with original oak floors.

The Lincoln Park studio’s yoga room is the largest of the three and feels like you’re practicing on an old vaudeville stage in the old Parkway Theatre.

Instructors rotate amongst the studios so you get to sample many of the talented and unique personalities no matter where you go.

Wherever you are in the city, there’s a Bikram studio around the corner, or just a few stops away on the “L” (train) or CTA bus.

The best part of 105F is the people. From the owners, to the instructors, to the yogis— it is a space to stretch, flex and sweat in a 105° room with an air of positivity surrounding you.

Not only did owner John Marcoux turn his love of yoga into a business, but this creative entrepreneur also writes unauthorized biographies of the people he’d like to meet at a dinner party. To learn more, visit


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