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heal the earth with love

Will to Sustain the Environment: Solar Plexus in Action

Caring for the environment is a task of the solar plexus chakra. It takes will power, self-control, and a balanced ego to make the right decisions in order to create positive change for the Earth.

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Hairy Green Roofs?!

While traveling through Norway I noticed many roofs covered in long, green hair-like material. Was there a seed explosion at the Chia Pet plant, I thought?

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Why You Should Participate in a Community Garden

Global communities are transitioning toward ‘local,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘sustainable’ food thanks to documentaries like FOOD, Inc., which reveals the damage caused by our current food system, and Michelle Obama- whose White House garden has received public acclaim as a source of education for children, an alternative for Americans threatened by food scarcity, and an inspiration […]

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