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Raw Salad

Good Vibrations: Food for the Root Chakra

The root chakra, the space that connects us with Earth energy, is responsible for manifesting our sense of security, of comfort. When we eat healthy food, our basic needs are met, and we are more able to fully express our original, true selves.

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Favorite Things: Gotta Have GT’s Kombucha & Synergy Drinks

Kombucha is a fermented tea touted for it’s medicinal and health benefits; it has excellent detoxifying, metabolic balancing and immune-enhancing qualities.

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Favorite Things: Go Nuts for Artisana Nut Butters!

Artisana makes raw, organic products from quality ingredients using local and sustainable practices.

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How to Eat Away Arthritis

“Most professional healers in charge of arthritis clinics today consider that the disease is the result of nutritional deficiencies.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Arthritis is a disease of the gut. Our bodies can’t filter all the modified, refined and toxic foods we put into them; therefore, toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream […]

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Why You Should Participate in a Community Garden

Global communities are transitioning toward ‘local,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘sustainable’ food thanks to documentaries like FOOD, Inc., which reveals the damage caused by our current food system, and Michelle Obama- whose White House garden has received public acclaim as a source of education for children, an alternative for Americans threatened by food scarcity, and an inspiration […]

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Top 10 Healthy Travel Snacks

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling, especially when it comes to food. We rarely have access to familiar provisions on long layovers, road trips and in foreign countries.

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A Look Inside My Fridge

Juicing 101

If there were meetings for people like me, they would go something like this, “Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m addicted to juice.” There, I said it. I feel better now that my secret is out: I am obsessed with juicing. I wish I could IV drip liquid greens into my veins for an instant pick […]

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real Coconut water

Taste Nirvana!

While living in Maui I fell in love with young coconut water. Coconut water is a nutrient dense powerhouse that supplies the body with potassium and is a natural isotonic beverage, meaning it has the same level of electrolyte balance as human blood plasma.

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