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Ease Your Way Into Motherhood

I’m at that age where it seems like all my friends are either trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have recently had a baby. In honor of all the beautiful mommies and mommies-to-be, I wanted to share a post about doulas from Katie Moore, a guest blogger who specializes in the field of healthy […]

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Igniting the Crown Chakra Through Yoga and Wellness

I walk up three steps that symbolize birth, life, and death, and enter the open-air yoga shala for my first class with Anna, who coincidently is from Jim’s hometown—Chicago, Illinois.

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Gaiam TV Mobile Device

Gaiam TV: Your Online Solution for Yoga, Fitness, and Inspirational Media + Gaiam TV Giveaway!

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artisana nut butters

What to Pack for Healthy Travel

I filmed this just before leaving for our trip to the South Pacific, India and Asia. I try my best to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit while traveling, and wanted to share some of the items I take with me that help me thrive; I hope this video helps inspire your packing list […]

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How to Eat Away Arthritis

“Most professional healers in charge of arthritis clinics today consider that the disease is the result of nutritional deficiencies.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Arthritis is a disease of the gut. Our bodies can’t filter all the modified, refined and toxic foods we put into them; therefore, toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream […]

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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, or a colonic, isn’t exactly a conversation topic for the dinner table; most people are pretty uncomfortable when it comes to talking about poop.

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Natural Sunscreen

Is there such a thing as the perfect sunscreen? My ‘dream screen’ is 100% organic, lightweight, shields UVA and UVB rays, waterproof, won’t clog pores, cheap, and easy to apply. I know that’s a tall order, but I can dream, right?

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Palm Desert, CA

Highlight on Bikram Yoga

Imagine a room heated to 105° Fahrenheit with 50% humidity. A half-naked yogi resembling a drill sergeant commands you to hold 26 yoga postures, gives you only one official water break, and doesn’t let you leave the room (unless, of course, you have to puke).

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A Look Inside My Fridge

Juicing 101

If there were meetings for people like me, they would go something like this, “Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m addicted to juice.” There, I said it. I feel better now that my secret is out: I am obsessed with juicing. I wish I could IV drip liquid greens into my veins for an instant pick […]

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Jim & Rachel, Antrim Coast, Meditation

Meditation Basics – Part 2

In Meditation Basics – Part 1 I discussed how posture, breath and a still mind are the only criteria for a good meditation practice. Here, I discuss a few ways to enhance the experience:

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