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Travel Recap and Future Plans

The questions we’re asked most is what we took away from our travels, did we accomplish what we set out to do, and what’s next?

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Fiji Islands Hike

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World (What I’ve Discovered About Long-Term Travel)

So you want to travel the world, huh? Forget about your job, your things, and your life as you know it because it’s all about following your heart and diving into the unknown. Hopefully the following advice will help you make your decision the right one…

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My First Ayurveda Massage

I wanted to ask for a towel to put between my bare cheeks and the chair, but I remembered I was in India—where dirt, sweat and body odor are a part of normal everyday life.

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How A Bus Driver Reminded Me I’m Not Perfect

Okay, so I reverted back to the fiery eight year-old I once was. I spoke before I thought—something that used to get me into a lot of trouble. In another phrase: Word vomit.

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Going Back to the Drawing Board from Glacier

Maybe camping here wasn’t such a good idea, let alone being around guns and metal hooks with this crew, I thought. They might have been friendly people, but one more drink and the “no-hassling” policy could have turned into the “there’s-no-cops-around-here-so-we-do-whatever-we-want-to-do” policy.

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How a Giant Crowd Reminded Me to go With the Flow

I’m wedged between a sweaty Italian who’s wearing a flag for a t-shirt, proudly shouting his contrada’s theme song, and a plump English woman who says to me, “I’m sorry, I’m not the one who’s pushing…”

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Paying It Forward From Thailand

I’d never driven a two-wheeled motor vehicle in my life, let alone ridden on the back of one, but for some reason I thought it was a good idea to teach myself in a place that is notorious for motorbike deaths.

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When in Rome…

I have a confession to make –I don’t like Rome. At least I think I don’t…

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