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Layover Bikram Yoga: Seattle to London.

For me, ailment one of the most challenging parts of traveling is maintaining a healthy body and positive attitude during long plane rides. I find being stuffed inside a cabin like a sardine, viagra breathing recirculated air without the ability to get up and move, treatment and poor-quality food make me a very weary yogi. […]

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30 Minute Beginner/Intermediate Yoga Class

Hi Beautiful Yogis! It’s been a long time since I posted a video, but I felt inspired to share this 30-minute class with you.

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baby yoga

Dear Yoga Teacher,

You’ve taught me postures I never thought possible: deaf man’s pose, camel, handstand, and then scorpion. Because of you I never say “never.”

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Igniting the Crown Chakra Through Yoga and Wellness

I walk up three steps that symbolize birth, life, and death, and enter the open-air yoga shala for my first class with Anna, who coincidently is from Jim’s hometown—Chicago, Illinois.

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Warrior Strong 661

Great Yoga Music

Music has the power to move us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It helps us turn off our minds and forces us to feel.

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Palm Desert, CA

Highlight on Bikram Yoga

Imagine a room heated to 105° Fahrenheit with 50% humidity. A half-naked yogi resembling a drill sergeant commands you to hold 26 yoga postures, gives you only one official water break, and doesn’t let you leave the room (unless, of course, you have to puke).

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