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Layover Bikram Yoga: Seattle to London.

For me, ailment one of the most challenging parts of traveling is maintaining a healthy body and positive attitude during long plane rides. I find being stuffed inside a cabin like a sardine, viagra breathing recirculated air without the ability to get up and move, treatment and poor-quality food make me a very weary yogi.


So what’s a yogi to do over a long layover? Bikram yoga, of course! There’s nothing like a 90-minute sweat and stretch session to get the joints, tendons and ligaments in proper lubed condition.


Whenever I travel, the first thing I do is lookup the nearest studio. My first stop on our three-day journey from Kauai to Africa was Bikram Yoga Burien, a big, clean community-centered studio owned by Nina Granatir. The studio’s philosophy is: “anyone who is willing to practice from exactly where they are can have a successful yoga practice.” I found this to be true in the great energy I found in the students and teachers here, and I look forward to going back one day.


After a nine-hour flight from Seattle to London, we checked into our small B and B and then checked out the Bikram Yoga Chiswick studio. Helen Currie owns the business. When starting her yoga journey she practiced for 2 years in her own living room with electric heaters to get the room as hot as possible. She says, “so great was my determination to do the yoga that each week I would move all the furniture out of my living room to make space for a small group of people to practice.” She now owns a gorgeous loft space with views of Turnham Green Park.


In the Chiswick studio, I was greeted with big smiles and welcoming faces. The lovely Laura taught our class–a teacher who loves the strong global community of Bikram Yoga, and who had the opportunity to teach in Melbourne, Australia. There was a familiarity between the two of us, but we couldn’t’ quite place where we might have met each other in the past.


The Bikram yoga world is truly a small world, and I continually feel a sense of connection and belonging wherever I am.


After two strong Bikram classes and another nine-hour flight into to Nairobi, I arrived feeling ready, rested and excited to begin our safari.

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